What is the coronavirus, how can we stay away from the virus or how it spreads?  Everyone is facing many questions and many people in the world will have been and all people also want to know about it.  What happens is this, India started in China and has knocked in almost all the countries of the world.  The biggest thing is that even if it is new to the whole world, its treatment is not possible yet and it is spreading day by day and it is a threat to the whole world, so at the moment the way to avoid a god is careful.  You are wearing a mask.  Can stay away from people in the grip of it.
Today we are going to give you information related to the corona virus.  First of all, the virus has to be china that in the city of Buhan.
But all countries are engaged in finding a cure for this virus.  Looking for ways to avoid this.  At the same time, all countries are also running awareness campaigns so that people are informed about it.Passengers for all flights originating from China in India are being investigated and are being investigated by the Indian government.That is why today I will give you information about it so that you will know everything and give information in you people.

What is Coronavirus?
Karona virus is a virus that spreads diseases in birds and mammals.  The same has started spreading among humans and this virus is spreeding from person to person.People are afraid of Crona virus, people would also die in it.

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Starting of Coronavirus
The Karona virus was first identified by which team of China, in 2019, a patient related to it came out and it is being considered as the reason for the glowing parties and what will happen to the snakes in real life,  are in China.  Due to night crying virus, due to which this virus is present in bats it comes in humans.

History of coronavirus
The Crona virus is very old, it was identified in about 1960, whichever virus was only in animals, it was not much problem to the animals.  But until the death of humans, Genome encoding of Coronavirus. The virus was first spotted in 2012 in Saudi Arabia.  When ever since, but till date its medicine has not been made and its symptoms appear almost like cough, cold fever etc., so it is very dangerous disease.  Time should be avoided and since then it has also surfaced in 2019 from China.

Symptoms of Coronavirus
It is very important to know the symptoms of corona virus.  Because it is necessary to walk right about the disease.  Its symptoms are different animals and humans are different this symptom among humans.
3.breathing problem.
4.Kidney fail
If you have seen symptoms in a person, then get him checked up by a doctor immediately and keep distance from that person.

Cause of outbreak of the Krona virus.
The cause of the spread of this virus is not known, but according to sources, it has been learned that the disease has spread in humans through the glowing bats Because both the snakes bats that are shining in China are shown coming to you, then it is learned that the disease  had its first patient in 2019 before taking the soup of both.  But this is increasing daily in patients and death from them is also increasing daily.  WHO has recently declare human health agency.

How can it be treated?
There is currently no cure for it, continuous efforts are being made to find a cure.  That's why deaths are increasing and people's specific treatment is not available yet.  The only way to avoid this is to tie a cloth over your mouth and stay away from any person suffering from this virus.

How prevent from virus?
By the way, its treatment is not available yet.  That's why just keep it a distance and do not come in contact with it.
Tell us through CDC some ways you can stay away from it, so let's know about the way to protect the coronavirus.
1.After doing some work, wash your hands with soap.
2.keep away from the person who is suffering from the virus.
3.the person who has got the virus, stay away from it so that before you learn it, throw the handkerchief in the trash in the experiment.  4.These are some of the habits stated by the CDC.  You should follow all of them so that you are away from them all.

Can virus cause death?
Coronavirus is such a dangerous virus.  It can also kill you.  This is a very dangerous one.  So far, more than 600 people have died.  There is no way to avoid this services. Some follow-up tips can save our lives.  If another person gets caught in it, then its treatment is not possible.  It has no treatment.

Future of Coronavirus
The future of the Corona virus is looking very dangerous as it spreads.  By the way, it is taking all countries in its grip.  The biggest thing is that there is no cure, so humans are dying day by day.  This is the biggest problem and it is not being treated.  If this is the case then there is a very big problem for humans, which human will be able to cope with it very rarely, then the remedy for this has to be found very soon.

Friends, do write posts written by me, no virus is a very important post, friends, you must read the information I have given you and understand because what I told you about this disease is spreading much nowadays, so tell it to your friends and relatives.  And friends, if I have made some mistake then please submit it to me and you should ask about anything related to it and avoid it  Be necessary.
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