How to prevent from coronavirus?

How to prevent from coronavirus?

Coronavirus, which originated from China, has spread to about 195 countries of the world and it is spreading day by day.  The virus originated from China.  This virus is considered to be the most dangerous virus ever.  Because this virus is running very fast.  Therefore, the World Health Organization has declared Emergency and now it is progressing slowly in India as well.  One needs to be very cautious with this.  Because so far there have been 81 cases in India which are not affected.  Health officials are making every effort to stop it.  The corona virus has been declared an international emergency by the World Health Organization.

What is coronavirus?
Corona virus is related to virus due to which a person is vulnerable to breathing problems.  This virus has not been seen for the first time or has started from wanting the virus and this rain has spread to many countries of the world.  This time do not make any vaccine that prevents it from spreading and The world's biggest doctors and research research are trying to make a vaccine for this virus.  Engaged in finding a little bit of it but so far no one has got any success.  But doctors say that soon we will create a vaccine that can kill this virus.

Symptoms of corona
This infection can cause fever, cold breathing difficulties.  It may also cause a sore throat.  We may also feel tired from it.  

Prevention from coronavirus
1.Wash your hands frequently.
Keep washing your hands with soap and use a sanitizer, washing this process repeatedly during the day.
2.Use a handkerchief while coming out of the house covering your mouth while coughing. If there is no handkerchief, use tissue paper and make the person who has cough cold a distance of 3 meters.
3.Contact a doctor immediately if you have fever.  If a person has fever, contact the doctor immediately and distance from such person.
4.Do not eat raw meat.
Do not eat raw meat of animals at all, avoid eating as much meat as you can.
5.Wash hands after touching animals.
Avoid touching animals, but if you are touching, then go for your hands and keep away from sick animals.
6.No in crowded areas.
If you are planning to roam anywhere outside now, then cancel the program.  Market mall movie etc. If you want to roam anywhere, definitely carry a sanitizer while going in the metro.
7.Do not travel abroad.
Now do not travel abroad at all, do not go at all because of travel or work.  Because currently Indian citizens live abroad.  The Indian government is also calling them back.

Home remedies to avoid corona virus.
First of all I would like to tell you to follow all those things as stated above.  To avoid this, use only home-made things, leave foreign things as much as possible. Use Ayurveda medicine to make a decoction of Giloy vine.Exercise is also very important to avoid the Karona virus.  Therefore, wake up in the morning and do Kapalbhati and Anulom-Antonyms.

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Friends, the information I have given you is very important information.  Because do  coronavirus is spreading very much nowadays.  Therefore, share this post with your friends and friends, and what I have told you about the methods of rescue, keep them in mind by keeping them in mind.  So use my post you have read properly and share it with your friends. Thank you.
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