Internet banking

Internet banking

Today we are living in the world of internet and ever since internet came.  Our life has become very easy.  We can do any work of the world with the help of internet.  In this episode, I am going to tell you about online banking today.  Because today almost everyone uses it, but few people know the right way for it, we can shop through it, shopping is the only means of making it.  Sought more information related to this next.

Online banking
Online banking is a facility through which we can do all our connected work with the help of internet from home and we can also access the UK.  Online banking is very good for those people who are often engaged in work and they spend time on their life traveling.  Those people do not get the time to go to the bank, in such a situation, they are able to do their work sitting at home and people do not understand the need to go there to avoid the long lines in the bank or the banks from many people's houses  If away, online banking proves to be very helpful in such situations.  Easy to get money from friends or relatives online. So that he can transfer money, through this, we can conduct transactions from mobile phone to anywhere using the phone.  The biggest thing in this is that there is no risk of any kind in it, it is just easy and fast.

Facilities from online banking
1. Through online banking, we can apply banking facilities online at home.  Like passbook, credit card etc.
2. We can get our bank account information right from home.  We can see all the transactions in our account from home.  We can also see the account balance information.
3. With online banking, we can make payments by shopping and pay for any online work as well as recharge and DTH recharge.
4. With online banking, we can transfer money to our friends and relatives, which is a big advantage.  Because earlier people used to carry money in their pockets and they had to suffer a lot of loss if that money is stolen, so today it is a very good facility.

These precautions while online banking
1. Online banking should never be used in a public place, nor should you talk about it among your friends, keep your password, safe and victim.
2. Change your password at one time and do change your password between 30 to 45 days and don't make a password easy.
3. If there is any problem while online banking, do not talk to any person.  Rather immediately go to your bank branch and contact.

The full name of e wallet is electronic wallet.It is not a physical wallet.  It is just a digital wallet.  Which we can see online only.  It is an electronic card.  Which we can only see online and it is used only online.  We can use this debit to debit card or credit card.  But we can use it only for payment or any other work.  To use it, we have to link with our bank accounts.  The aim is to make the country completely digital and the use of paper will be the only way to use it.
As I have already told you that now India is being digitized, so now the country is being made cashless.  All these things are being made successful by the government's apps like it is being made successful by the BHIM app or you can make UPI payment.We can pay by any BHIM UPI payment.  We need UPI ID of another person to make payment, however scan is better than UPI ID.  Because there is no chance of mistake in it.It also does not take any time to scan and for this reason, its ID comes immediately by writing and how can it be written and transferred immediately.

Type of e-wallet
Closed e-wallet
Semi closed e-wallet
Banking e-wallet
Closed e-wallet
It is used by the website to purchase goods needed by individuals who buy goods from the business.  Such as flipcard amazon etc.
Semi closed e-wallet
It is used to make payments on any platform.  It contains a fixed amount.  With this we also make a fixed payment but do not have the facility to withdraw cash in it.
Banking e-wallet
It facilitates as a bank account for quality.  In this, we change the bank account into e-wallet.  With this, we pay only from our wallet.  We don't have to go to the bank. This is a very good thing because there is no risk of any kind and there is absolutely no payment.  There is no problem of any kind in this. Due to this, the payment is also instant, we can turn it on through our phone. 

What can be purchased with online payment?
We can recharge utility bills DTH plans and mobile phones by making digital payments.  We can pay using the date avail in the e-commerce site.  With this, electricity bill any tax can be checked or we can pay bills by shopping anywhere, and best of all, digital payment is very beneficial in India, because of the problem of day to day money.  The problem of money does not make any sense and payment from it very safe and secure.

Benifits of digital wallet
Digital wallets have a more benifits. So lets begin to start know all the facility.
1.Through digital wallet, we can make online payments anytime, anywhere.
2.We can pay bills with this.  Electricity Booking Movie Tickets & Hotel Booking Tickets & Anytype Telephone Bills etc.
3.We do not need to enter ATM or other CVV number while making payment.
4.And if the transaction fails in any way, then we get it back soon.
5.With this we can take Mutual Fund or any other insurance, book a train ticket. 6.Nowadays many people use one to order food and food also comes immediately.

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What is required for use of E-wallet?
There are some things are very useful to digital wallet.
1.Bank account
2.Smart phone
3.Internet (2G, 3G, 3G)
4.App (wallet)
   Note:- While making an online payment, your internet connection should be exactly right.  Because there is also the fear of laughing at the payment means where you are paying And the payment is also deducted from your phone.

Some wallets in India
Ever since the impact of demonetisation has occurred in India, the use of wallet has increased to some extent.  Meaning that all people are starting cashless transactions, so I will tell you popular wallets.
We can use Paytm during shopping, can collect electricity bills, recharge is mobile, can make any kind of booking.  Very easy to use it.
It is mainly used for ordering food.  Because with this we can also include our points or can also be used for shopping.  It is also very easy to use.
It is very easy to use on the phone, you just need to create an ID on the phone, then you can do anything transaction.  You can collect electricity bill through this.  You can recharge for this, you can book tickets through it and you can also send money to your friend from it.  The biggest advantage of this is that your cashback comes in what happens in it and you cannot use that cashback through your recharge.  You cannot transfer it to the bank and the money goes to the account through it.

Is safe for using e-wallets
Yes, e wallets is absolutely safe to use.  There is no problem in any way because it has many security features that allow you to have privacy.  To verify this, a phone number is now sought.  Which comes OTP and has many security features that will help you There is no problem of any kind in this.  How exactly is a kurta saved?  In the evening money is not stuck at all that in many ways. The payment is safely transfer and it's uses is  very instantly. Use of E-wallet to say that our time is settled, therefore we must always use it and this is also the payment.

Friends, the information given by me is a very good information today.  Because nowadays everyone says its use and that's why many people go to it.  Meaning that their money is lost, that is why if you liked my post, then share it to your friends too.  Because from which more people learn about it, then they will use it in the right way.  If there is some doubt in my post, then you must tell me by commenting and if you like my post, then you must also share it with friends and forgive me if you have any problem in my post.
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