What is IRCTC? How does it work? Why did we need IRCTC that today we are going to answer all these questions.
India is a very big country and its population is about 135 crores.  In India, crores of people travel by rail every day, people have to spend hours in line to book tickets, people standing in line get very upset or many people get sick.
Indian Railways has given the facility of online ticketing to eliminate this problem of the people.  Whose name is IRCTC.  Now you can book a ticket right from home and now you can inquire from home and you can do it while sitting at home, so now you do not need to go to the station.  That is why today we are going to tell you about IRCTC.
Through the IRCTC website, we can book tickets on any phone or any laptop by creating an account in Apple iOS.  This website is compatible with the right devices.  The main reason for making IRCTC a website for us is online tickets and this website has been made keeping in mind all things.  So that everyone can use it easily and IRCTC has made the website quite well.  Because there is no problem of any youth in it.You can book a ticket or create an account by going to the debate itself and at the same time book the food you want to eat while travelling. And IRCTC also works for tourism.  You can also book a tourism package and IRCTC gives a discount on tourism, so IRCTC is a very good website which is benefiting people a lot.  Any work is done immediately.
IRCTC is in a way a form of Indian Railways.  IRCTC has a full form.  Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation IRCTC is used to check the ticket booking of railways and also we can book food while ticketing it. The food want to eat during the journey. And IRCTC also gives us the facility of tourism.  We can book the correct ticket both on IRCTC website or m.  But we have to first create ID on IRCTC to book tickets from IRCTC.  To create ID on IRCTC, we have to give all our information. We always use IRCTC for online ticketing.
As we have come to know that IRCTC has full form Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.  In Hindi, it is called भारतीय रेलवे खानपान और पर्यटन निगम
Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and Asia's second largest USA, China, Russia is ranked second first and third respectively. The main office of the network is located in New Delhi. Indian Railways has been playing its role in tourism for 160 years, about 13 lakh employees are working in Railways.
Millions of people have been facilitated since the formation of IRCTC.  From this we can book tickets sitting at home.  But for you to book tickets an account is created by registering in it.
How to make a account
1.First of all, you have to go to the official website of IRCTC and you will have to register to create a new ID which will be in the upper part of the website.
2.After that a new page will open which will be the registration form in fact, all the details asked on this page have to be filled.  like
Username- write character and number both.

Security question- here is select one favourite question.
Firstname- Write the first letter of your name here.
Last name- Write the last letter of your name.
DOB- your birthday mention here.
Mobile number-The phone number you use.
Nationally- Indian
Address- mention your address here.
Country- India
Pin-Add Local PIN Code.

3. After filling all these things, OTP arrives at the number given by you, which has to be sent and sent in it.
4.After that, thank all those asked and click on submit.
5.After submitting the registration form, click on the 'I Agree' in the dialog box and accept it.
6.After that the confirmation page will come and it will say that your relation has become successful.
7.You can log in after your ID is created.  You will login with your user ID and password there, after which IRCTC will verify your account, in which case I will ask for your email id and mobile number and will go and verify your account.
8.After this, OTP will be received by IRCTC on both your mobile number and email ID. First, you will send the OTP to the mobile number, then verify the mobile number with OTP, then find it on the email ID and verify the email ID from the OTP. Finally, your email ID and phone number have been confirmed.  Now you can book your  tickets from your account.

How to book tickets?
1.First login your ID on IRCTC
2.Choose the destination, where do you want to go from where?
      Ex: From -GZB              To -Jaipur
    Then select the date and show you the list of trains going to that date.
3.Then if you want to book tickets of any category in the rail then you can.
Types of coaches
(Second sitting (2S), Sleeper(SL), AC chair car, 3AC, 2AC, 1AC
Executive chair car (EC) : This coach only in Vande bharat, Tezas and Shatabdi exp
4.Lastly, you can pay with Net Banking Quality Debit Card and Credit Card etc. At the same time IRCTC will send OTP during the payment method and finally your ticket will be booked after payment.
The full form PNR is passenger number record  PNR number is 10 digit number tells about our ticket now whether our ticket has been confirmed or not?  If the ticket is lost, we can withdraw it from the PNR number.  We can also check the live location of our train from the PNR number.  By the way, we have many apps.  Also we can see from PNR number.
Railways coach's categories
This is the best salary of some in the Indian Railways.  This category is levied on superfast trains as well as its fare is almost the same as plane fare.  But its facility is very good.  The First AC coach has only 18 to 24 seats, its interior is quite good.  In this, you can also take pets with you.  In this you get the facility of low lighting so that you can read easily at night.  The food found in this fund is also better.
This is a category of exploration of Indian Railways.  Its fare is less than First AC and it is charged in almost all trains.  Its facilities are a little less like it has no benefit of any kind and it also has less space means in a one cabin it only has 4 seats and you have two on one side, in the whole coach, it has 48 to 54 seats. In this, curtains are also given keeping in mind the privacy.
This is a category of exploration of Indian Railways.  Its fare is also good.  Meaning almost every kind of person can use it.  Its facilities are also not much.  It is given on the bus and has the facility of hot water.  It has 66 to 72 seats, hence its rent is not high.  But in this, just a little more space compared to the sleeper coach.
Executive chair car (EC)
Indian railway coaches are used only in certain trains.  Like Shatabdi, Vande bharat is done in trains like Bharat and Tejas.  Because its rent is too high.  It is fully air conditioned as well as its seat is very comfortable.  In this, you can spread your legs well and the coach is very good.  It also has more space to store goods.  Because it has two seats on each side.  It also has a good tendency to go through IRCTC.  Therefore, the accompanying fare is double of CC.
Chair car or AC chair car (CC)
CC category is used in Indian Railways is used in a superfast train.Fully air-conditioned, its fares are reasonable but there is less facility.  Seats in it are not very comfortable.  It has one side 3-3 seats and two seats each on the other side.  Hence its fare is less.  No priority of any kind is given in this.
Sleeper coach (SL)
Sleeper coach is quite popular in Indian Railways, it is non-AC coach.  It is used in long route or what goes in the night?  No blanket or any kind of cloth is given in it.  Its coaches have lattice forests.  No service is given in this way.  It has 8 seats in a cabin.  Those known as upper butt middle butt butt side and side lower.  During the day, Middelburg is folded.  So that the passenger can sit at the lower berth, its fare is very low.  Therefore every class of people can use it.  Sleeper coach is named like S1, S2, S3.

Problem of waiting  tickets in railways
Confirm tickets are difficult to get when we do tickets online. That is why, while ticketing, it should be seen that there is a chance of his being confirmed, which is written during the ticket, how much is his CNF, that is, how much is his chance of getting confirmed?  If the CNF is 90%, then only you keep your ticket waiting, otherwise do not book the ticket because it will not be able to confirm and when you do the ticket shows only the waiting list. And also shows the railway waiting list which shows how much waiting he is under.
If you want a confirmed ticket, you can do a ticket in tatkal, but in tatkal, the ticket is quite expensive and it is difficult to do the ticket but it gets 99% confirmed ticket.
Customer care number of IRCTC
IRCTC has also provided customer care numbers to help you.  You can call and get any information.
Custom care number
0755-6610661 (हिंदी)
0755-4090600 (English)
Boss of IRCTC
IRCTC is a subsidiary part that manages catering tourism and online tickets.  Indian Railways Indian Government agencies that maintain railways.  Movie is by Ministry of Railways.
Indian Railways is entirely in the hands of the Government of India.  But now preparations are on to hand him over to a private company.  So that there can be some improvement in it, the Government of India will always run the railway because it is completely government.
Awards and achievements
IRCTC has become the largest and fastest commerce website in Asia.  This website had approximately 600000 users in 2003.
Awards won by IRCTC
1.National Tourism award Board of Excellence by the Government of India and Ministry of Tourism.
2. National Award for e. governance in 2007 and 2008.
3.Awarded Genius of the Web Award 2007 for PSU India by CNBC.
4.Declared Winner by Best Value Lever Product in 2008.
5.ICICI Bank Retail Excellence Award in 2005.
6.Government of India awarded Mini Ratna Category 1 by Ministry of Railways.
I hope that you have come to know about IRCTC and it is very important to know about IRCTC.  Because in today's time everyone needs to travel.  With the support of IRCTC, we told you how you can book tickets and how you can create an account and you can also book food during the journey.
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