Friends today I am going to tell you about olx.  If you want to know, read the post completely and how to buy something on olx, how to send something, so today I am going to tell you about Alex who uses OLX, then everyone will tell you to create ID in friends.  Through this post, friends, you will surely like this post today.  Because I am going to give full information in it.
If we have any goods and which we stop using or do not like, then we think that if it is sold, it is found very difficult, so you are not worried.  Now for this, there is a website through which we can send goods easily and can also buy easily, about which we are going to tell you everything, so let's start what is that Lex, friends, know about this  Friends, you must read this post from beginning to end, so that you become aware only then you get complete information.

What is olx?
The company that opened OLX in 2006 had the same objective of opening X, that the goods be sold online, with the help of which we can also sell our goods.  Bike cars can send goods like mobile fridges etc.  If you want to buy something, you can buy it by looking at the old stuff.  The internet works to buy or sell herbal products, whatever product you have to buy.  Now you can see it by going to OLX and whatever product you are looking for, its money will be written down there and you will have written all the information about that product, which you will get all the information about it and you like that product.  If you will have entered, then you must have given your number also, then you can call that number and buy that product. And you can contact and talk to the person to buy, and Alex does not give you any money to do so.  This C to C Service.
If a person wants to sell the product, he will upload all the information of the product that he wants to sell and upload his information and write his number in it so that whichever person he likes, he can call the given number immediately and that person  Can buy and will put money in it and that person will know everything by talking. Friends lx1 very good brother-in-law, you can also sell and buy your goods through it, that too what happens nowadays that people do not like to get out of the house and buy everything from the phone, then any such thing  Looking at, an app should be made so that you can buy second-hand items sitting at home, otherwise what used to happen was that people had to go and see you first look on the phone and talk to them on the lease  A can also buy then you can go to work to make money, there can send the right goods at a very good.

How to download Olx app?
To download OLX, follow some steps which are going to be mentioned below.
Download app-Can download from the Play Store app store on your phone.
App of about 9 or 10 MB will be downloaded immediately and after downloading, install the app and after downloading you can use it.

How to make account
You can use the website to create an account or else you can create an account through the app.
Go to website
Olx. In official website
Click on my account option
If you are a user, you have to register, fill the phone number, password name etc. and click on the Turn of Use option and an email will come on the email given by you which will be of the active account and on the link given in the email  By clicking and activating your account and after activating it in the account, you can use the account.

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How to use olx
After downloading the OLX app, I am going to tell you to purchase the product on olx.
Log in account
After opening the OLX app, login to your account, after that select your city name and the city name is very important here.  Then select any product you want to buy, and related information will come in front of you and whatever you like.  You are aware of that.  We can read and we can talk through the e-mail given on that product and can also talk by phone.  You can right-switch the opinion and according to the price we will enter, the result will come in front of us, then you can take your desired product in the way and a very good way is to buy the product.
And if you send an email to seller, then he will definitely support your mail, in this way you can buy any product, buy it,
you have learned that you know how to sell the goods and with this you can also send your goods, so let's know that  How to sell our products.
First open the app and then click on submit A and then click on the option of Add.
After doing all this, a new page will open in front of you and on that page, give complete information about your product.  Whatever product you want to sell.
Tittle-Selling product name here.
Category-If you are selling a bike, select the bike and if there is anything, then select the same category, if there is nothing then click on the other.
Description-If you are selling the bike, information related to whatever goods you are selling, then all the information related to it.
Photos-Make sure to put a photo of the goods sold and that too, so that you can see the person who wanted to give it properly.
After giving all the details, the 4 digit code will come on the number you have entered and you can continue sending it by sending the message yourself.  After clicking on Continue, the ad will be installed and if you go to the top and see the ad, you can sell your goods through it.

Friends, you must have liked the post written by me because whatever I wrote the post, tell me something right and its mountain is happening very much these days.  Now, if I made a mistake in the post I wrote, then you must forgive me and you must share the post written by me among your friends and relatives, and if you have made some mistake from me, then you must take the trouble to forgive me and you  If you do not understand anything, then you can ask me by commenting below. 
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