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Search engine

Do you know what a search engine is?  How will you work with the search engine, friends, I am going to inform you about it today, friends, you people use the internet today.  Whenever you want to see a question, you immediately see it in your mobile.Friends, whenever you want to answer any question, immediately you take out your phone and search the search engine(google, yahoo, bing) etc. and see the answer.  But if you talk earlier, there was nothing that you could find an answer, that means there was no internet or search engine before.  In the earlier times, you had to look at the book to see anything, then friends used to take a lot of time, whereas in today's time, the younger generation Google for everything.  If we search through a search engine, then friends, today we will come to know about this search engine, so let's start the search engine.

What is search engine?
A search engine is a type of program.  The search engine is a program that searches the information available on the Internet according to the user's question and upon receiving it, it immediately shows it on the result piece.  The search engine performs the information available on the Internet.  According to user's question like some search engine. (google, yahoo, bing).
Search engines search the question according to all the websites available on the internet and where it matches the question.  Results of the same website keeps it on the result page.Friends, to find anything on the Internet, the keywords you write and where you write, the search engine is called, whatever you find by finding something is called the search engine.

Search engine names
If seen, there are many search engines in the world.  But there are only a few major search engines, so let me tell you about them.
6.Duck duck go
7.Internet achieve

How works search engine
Like I already told you that whatever question we search, search through the browser, whatever keyword we write in it is matched by the search engine with all the information on Google.  And then after that the website matches, according to the result page, the website is displayed.
Search engines find any result through 3 steps.
Ranking &Retrieval
The search engine asks that by year does it see where this information is available with it?  Scans all the websites by its year and where is it available?  The search engine reads all website  very fast.According to Google, in about 1 second visits about 1000 pages and if it gets a new piece, then they put it on the band end and show it during the result.
Indexing is a process of Google which Google trolls after crawling Google puts whatever data it gets during indexing.  Search engines call all websites according to search engine index, Google Spider crawls around 3 trillion pages of coke every day according to Google's 12 line.All the information that Google has is kept in a library so that it can be easily indexed.
Ranking is one last search engine staff that is also very difficult.  Because when someone searches something, Google's first thing is to give you the right information, then for this Google works some algorithm through which they are able to extract the right information.  For this, Google worked through some parameters.  By which he was able to put out the right result and it was coming that Google means that which website is kept up by Google, it finds out through its 200 sectors and sees that the most popular website keeps up the way, which is the blogs.  He wants to put Google on my website and for this he tries his mind and tries to rank his website.
First, we can guess the ranking using the post's key world and how much is the bank link in our website?  Others may rank in business, but Google is constantly changing its rules.  Because Google is really giving opportunities to those who are working hard, Google is scoring the same website.  By the way, Google first sees content whose content is good.  What kind of website is made that the web site rank.

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History of search engine
All the search engines in the world have the same function and that the data on the internet is to be displayed on display but when it was born, its task was to collect the file transfer protocol, whoever used to find the data in the server who was there then later  Search engine was built in and open browser of file, it was not like that at all, so search engine was created. Friends, the beginning of the search engine has not been very special.  It has started with great difficulty.  Because there were many companies which have been openly closed.  Those who worked on it but then after Google came in 1995, who worked on it and who is still working and will continue to do it because this company is the largest company in the world in terms of search engines and it has  Have given many apps.  With which we can do a lot.  Like I slept, Google music has become Google photos, now Google has become assistant, Google's search engine is there and there is a lot.

About some search engine


Exicte was built in February 1993, it was a school project that when it was being built, it was named Architext . The project had 6 students.  This project took the form of a calling search engine running since 1993 and its growth has increased significantly due to which it has helped web crawlers and magellan bought by exicte.

Web crawler

Web crawler is a meta search engine, which was created in 1994, it works to show the results of both Google and Yahoo. It is built by Brian pinkmton.


It was also made in 1994.  Web portal service was also available in this, providing the service of email and hosting.


The name of Yahoo is still left a little bit and the use of all search engines has ended at all.  Yahoo was started in 1994, excluding Google.  It was started by 2 students at Stanford University, Jerry and David. In 1994, Yahoo took the form of 12 minutes and in 1995 the domain was registered.


Infosys was also a very popular engine at one time, which was built only in 1994, however let me tell you one thing here that most of the search engines were built in 1994 itself.  Its head quarter still exists in California.  But after some time after its formation, this company was bought by the malt Disney company and finally it was later joined with Yahoo and today it is completely finished, it is not named at all.


It was born in 1996.  It was created by a professor and student.  It was built in a university, it was developed as a search engine but later it was completely finished.


In today's time, Google is a very big company in the world, which is being spread day by day and there is a reason behind this that the service provided by Google was created by Standford University Sergey Brin and Larry Page and  The two were friends and one day they met and talked about building a search engine. In 1996, through a PhD project, they thought of doing something different, initially Google  Given the name Backrub and the named is today Google.
In today's times, it is Google that runs all over the world.  Seeing this famous leader, other companies are also working with Google.  In view of this, Google is also changing its best and it is also introducing Google's tools in the market. Google is offering its services everywhere.  Google's largest company is in California, from where it operates, and because of Google, we are connected to each other, by doing Google, we can get any information of the world.  That's why Google is the most famous company and that's why Google is the biggest company.


Friends search engine is a very good thing.  On which we can find the result immediately after searching anything.  We extract any information of the world immediately.  We do not take any time at all, the monastery was not there in earlier times, then people used to face a lot of trouble, but in today's time, if the youth find an answer for something immediately, there is a very good tool from our midst.
Friends, I hope that you have got all the information about the post search engine written by me, you must have understood everything from it.  Know that if you use it in Delhi, then I want you to know it properly, so friends, the post I wrote, you must share it among your friends.
Friends, the post I wrote.  If he has made some mistake with me, then I definitely know you and if I did not understand anything, then you can definitely ask me by commenting and I will surely answer your question.
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