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Share market

If you want to earn a lot of money, then you have come to the place of course.  Because today we will understand what is the stock market, we will learn from the fear here to get advance day exactly as you came to know that money we want to be honest, if you have money to complete the  If you fulfill all your dreams, then you understand the importance of money.  Even if you have money, this money will come right to you and will be in the work of visibility 26th.
In today's time, there are many ways in the world to make money where some people earn money by doing jobs, some people do business and nowadays some people put money at stake and then earn money from it.
But the question comes in the mind of all this is that if you also put money at stake, then where do you put money on is there any danger of putting money at stake?
So that's why today I am going to tell you about the stock market.  You must have heard about the stock market, but you will be deprived of all that how the stock market works, so today I will tell you what is the stock market?  How can this money be made?

What is share market?
the market like stock market and stock market. If you want to know about it, then if you want to get into the stock market, then this very good fielder to earn money, but before putting money, you should have a good knowledge about the stock market.

When will purchase share in share market?
Is it the right time to invest in the market, to see when the stock can bounce and the biggest thing is that you should have first experience in the field and also know about the company when and in which company to make money  Will happen?
Only after knowing about all these, invest money in the stock market and to find out about all these companies, which company shares have risen or declined?  For this, you can also see economic time newspapers or news channels related to the stock market.The very big thing is that having money is not the only thing that should be perfect in your process and that if you are putting money in it and it sinks in, then you do not suffer much loss. A good way to invest money in it.  That is, you put a little money in it in the beginning and as you get experience and then you can invest more money.
Many people would have liked to invest money in this, but if they could not spend their money in fear of drowning, then I would invest a little money and later they would not have any problem by doing so.
Another thing is that before putting money in the same stock market, you should know that the place where you are putting money is exactly right, meaning the company where you are investing money.  That is right, and sometimes, some fraud company runs away with people's money.  So, first of all, good information about that company.

How invest money in share market?
To invest in the stock market, first of all, you must have accurate information about it.  Because there is a lot of fraud in this, you must have a demat account to invest money in the stock market. You can go to the broker to create an account, the broker will create the right trading account but to do this he will take money from you. After creating a demat account, you have to keep the money in it, in the same way as you have to keep money in the bank and all the money in your demat account, the money also goes to your Gmail account.  If you just drown, then money will go out of your account and if there is a bounce in the stock, then money will also come in your demat account and you can transfer the amount that came at that time to the bank account.  You can open a demat account by going to your nearest bank.
But I would advise you to open this demat account through pulses, because it is beneficial to open an account through a broker.  Because they will give you the right information about the company's stock, you will benefit from it, but also take money to do this work.

Share market tips
First, subtract every information about the stock market.  Because if you want to work on it, then everyone should know about it.  It is very important to be aware of it, money is drowned in it very quickly, so information in this.
This is always connected means always keep getting information about it and keep knowing about it, what is going on in it?  In the beginning the native comes.  Because we do not know this, do not spend too much money in the beginning, the more money you can bear.
If you want to invest money in a film.  First of all, you should get information about that company and first of all the company shares you are buying.  She must be absolutely registered.  Because many companies get used to this and run away with people's money, there is a lot of fraud in the stock market, so you should avoid them.
You should see a lot of money in it and should invest it carefully and after a lot of investigation, invest money because there are many chances of sinking money, so you invest in it very well.
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