What is digital marketing? types of digital marketing.

Digital marketing

Today's time has become absolutely digital, so you need to know about digital marketing.  Because it has become part of a common life.  This is very important and something new is happening daily in today's world.  It is very important that we will have to change ourselves with this changing world, otherwise this world will go ahead and we will be left behind and the work that we are doing is very important, tea, whatever work we are doing, whoever is studying  we should know about digital market.  One behind knowing about digital marketing That is, in the earliest times, we had to go from house to house to deliver our work, but now it is not so now that we can make our work accessible to people through internet and you can make your work bigger.  This will save your time and people will know about you from far and wide.
So that's why digital marketing is a great platform.  For the people because from there people will be able to purchase your product, you have to make your business accessible to the people through internet and nowadays companies are also doing it and they are benefiting a lot from it and in today's time every person has  There is a smartphone and it is through the internet, so nowadays you should only know about teacher marketing and there is no problem in it, nowadays TV radio   you like to hear less but everyone using social media are a good platform for people your business is such.
So that's why today I am going to tell you about it.  So that you get to know about it and if you are able to use it, then let's start about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is made up of two words. Digital and marketing digital means internet and marketing means why we market a product online. It means selling it.  There is no problem.  While watching the product sale, the company watches TV to show how much they like this product, they pay more attention to such a thing.
Which people are liking in which they do not have any kind of problem, mainly in digital marketing, Google search, Google media e-mail etc. are used a lot.  Earlier people nowadays spend their time online only.  Previously there was nothing like this, so digital will be killed or if no place is found then that's why offline marketing is absolutely falling.  Because online marketing is proving to be absolutely effective and marketing has to be able to find the place with the right audience and keep the audience connected properly, so you should come by connecting people so that you can grow your business, then its right place online  Is where you can connect people.

Why so much important digital marketing?
In today's time, digital marketing has a big role.  Because whoever wants to open his new business, does he make the business online so that Radha is reaching him in a big way.  Because in today's time people prefer to stay online and due to lack of time, I prefer to buy winnings online and there is no problem of any kind in online.  If you go to the shop to see everything while buying online, then the shopkeeper gives wrong information about the clothes, then he does not even know about the clothes and nowadays everything has become smarter, he does not have any problem with it.
Digital marketing has given you business a different place.  Due to which the user also likes a lot.  Because there is no problem with this.  This is an important thing that any company can come forward and create a new identity, so nowadays any business does some detail.  People are getting comfortable by doing so.  That is why there should be very good information about marketing, only then you can do something.  In digital marketing you will be told everything how you can make or grow your business.

History of digital marketing
The history of marketing has not been much special because in earlier times there was no internet, so there was no digital marketing, in today's time everyone has internet, so today people have internet so all companies are doing their business online.  Who is benefiting too much, but there was no such thing in the direction, then there is no point in doing Online That is why there were as few big companies as before.  She was running her business offline.  This gold was not getting much profit but since the Internet has come into our existence and people have also understood the Internet.  Since then all companies have been digitalizing their business .  That means she is sending the product online. Light Flipkart Amazon and other companies are running their business online.  Getting more profits.

Benefits of digital marketing
In digital marketing, you can easily see how many people have bought your product, how many people have just returned from seeing your product, work in digital marketing is very easy.  If you give your business ad in a newspaper. So you cannot find out at all how many people have seen the ad and neither you will be able to find out with Harding then it is very difficult to do the same, very easy in digital marketing.

Digital marketing traffic
Traffic means how many people your online business is reaching. How many people are coming to buy your product, use analytics software to do this work.  This provides correct information about traffic.  Then you will also get information about increasing your traffic, this is a very good job.

Challenge in digital marketing
In digital marketing too, competition is increasing day by day.  In digital marketing too, everything is no longer easy and if your products are expensive compared to other products, no one will buy you, this is a must.  So it is very difficult to keep the customer tied up.
Digital marketing also leaves a lot of consumer data.  Which is also causing a lot of problem.  It is very difficult to handle.  Because it goes bad and marketing is very difficult. So this is a scolding volume problem of digital marketing.

Service of digital marketing
There are many types of services in digital marketing such as a service is c2c, a service is k2k, what can you do during such a c2c service that you can go for customer to customer only, the company does not get anything in it.  If you see an add for Dart Customer, you like that thing, then call the update customer and ask him for his things, you can ask for his price, you can buy that thing, any benefit of the company. The company has its advantage in this way, the person who is putting his ad in the cold winter, then the company tells him that you will put your ad on the mouth, for that you pay us and that closed person pays.  If his membership is taken, then his ad will come to the top, then the company takes advantage in this way if there will be no benefit.
So it has become a matter of c2c service, now a service is that the company has put its own product for the customer whom the customer will buy it and the customer sees the product in the same company and if he buys it at the customer then a customer to company  A service has been done which is directly benefiting the company.  Whose flipkart amazon company puts its product and buys it.

Future of digital marketing
In the future of digital marketing that is going to come, all the companies will definitely have to face a lot of difficulties because for that all the companies are coming forward and doing their business online.  After this, too much will mean competition in many places, then it is going to be very difficult for companies to send their products and if there is no time to pass, then you can benefit in the company.

Can digital marketing be used in any business?
You can easily use digital marketing in any business.  Your company is selling anything.  Now celebrating whatever product.  Now we are doing digital marketing for our business.  With this you can understand the consumer, you can understand his needs from it, you can put anything related to whatever business you are doing.  Meaning, you will have to tell everything to your consumer so that if you are providing some service, then if you do the information related to it online then you can also benefit there, so you should have business only.  Please do it.

Friends, I hope that you have got the complete information about digital marketing, and the post I have written will make you understand everything.  Of course, share it because whoever made the information spread among everyone and it is very important that if you want to make your business bigger, then friends  There are those who ask I'm sorry of course then went to fault  in post and if you do not understand can certainly point to ask you to let me comment.
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