What is Fastag? why we need it?


What is the fastag? Very important information for people who like to travel by their own vehicles, so let's know that if you know about Fastag then it is fine.  If you do not know about this, then you may have to pay double the fees at the toll plaza, so people who are not using it will become double toll cards, so I am going to tell you about Fastag today.  So that you do not have to pay double tax, let me tell you that the Government of India has used Fastag to facilitate toll gate so that innovative toll has to be delayed for a long time and the second you can travel without case from the account  Cut money. You must use Faster.  Because it will reduce the problems between the earth along with its problems such as it will remove the problems growing in the environment and if there are some problems in our environment, then we will get rid of them as well as you can get out of there without stopping.  Will go  If our government is giving us such a dilemma then we must use it.  Because if you see in the country immediately, people go out there without stopping, then keeping in mind the same thing, the government is also launching this scheme, then we must definitely take part in it.

What is fastag?
Fastag is an easy to use relatable tag, while it allows you to stop at the toll plaza without stopping.  Pastor is linked with prepaid account.  From here the amount will be automatically cut.  It used(RFID) radio frequency identification technology.  Which is paid on the windscreen of the vehicle.  An account fast tag would be great stuff.  You will have to land at the toll plaza and leave without transacting the case.  This will save time. At present, this system is running on about 180 toll plazas in India.  Not a similar problem. FastTrack was launched in India in 2014, gradually it has been started on many toll plazas in the country, which used to be a hassle, they will reduce the anointing and you will be able to get out without paying tax. Fastak was first started in India on Mumbai Ahmedabad Expressway in 2014, followed by Chennai Bangalore Toll Plaza in 2015, but is now running at 332 toll plazas in the country.  So that people are not having any problem.  Rather, he will be able to leave from there without stopping and at the same time, the amount that will be deducted from your account is direct, the time will come on your phone, which will have the details of your Rashid near and gave the details of your entire balance.

How recharge Fastag?
Fastag can be easily recharged. Faster debit card can be recharged through credit card or networking. They can also recharge it at least from ₹ 100 to ₹ 100000.

Is the Fastag transferable?
No, Fastag cannot be transferred at all.  Because if it is used in one vehicle then it cannot be used by other vehicles, it is non-transferable.

Validity of Fastag
The validity of Fastag is otherwise unlimited.  If the fastag is perfectly fine then it is used, if there is no tampering of any kind with it, then it will be perfectly fine.  If your fast is broken due to any reason or it becomes bad, then you contact it with your bank for a new fastag.

How you can purchase fastag?
The use of Fastag has now been made compulsory, so you can buy this POS.  You can buy by visiting the toll plaza's agency.  If you have a partnership with NHAI from public and private banks, then you can buy trucks with the bank.  Among these, Axis Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank SBI Bank.

Error in fastag
If Fastag goes bad, you can buy it through.  For this, you can find Xerox copy in all the documents and find it again.  With this you will get Fastag again and you will be able to use it again.

How works Fastag?
If you are traveling on a highway, as soon as your car arrives at the toll plaza and your vehicle is fastaged, then the sensors on the toll plaza will come in contact with your fastag and those sensors will work fast decorating and getting read.  After they will deduct the amount from your account according to the requirement, it will allow you to withdraw without stopping and sms the amount deducted from your account. Your phone will come along with the message sent by NHAI.

What documents are required to apply fast tag?
To buy fastag a customer will need many documents and must submit a copy of everything, go to the point of sale location, then lets begin to tell you fastag documents.
1.RC of vehicle.
2.Passport size of owner.
3.Xerox copy of pan card, passport, voter id card adhar card.

Benifits of Fastag
1.Under this, you can do cashless transactions.
2.There is no need to stop at the toll plaza and it will also reduce traffic.
3.It is easy to recharge online.
4.All your transactions will be made aware through SMS.
5.Fastag will have a validity of 5 years.
6.Benifit of environment.

How activate fastag?
Government of India has given 2 to use Fastag among them:
My Fast Tag and Fast Tag
Through these apps, you can activate Fastak.  You can get more information by going to the bank.

How and where is FastTrack installed?
You fasten your fastag to the center of the windshield of the vehicle in which center top of windshield Fastak has a self-type which is then pasted upon removal.  If you use a different adhesive material in it, it can get worse.

Uses of Fastag
The biggest advantage of using a faster is that you will not have to put in long lines and at the same time your cash will be immediately, then you will be able to get out of it immediately and this will reduce pollution, there are many types of cashback on the question of fastag  Getting one which is very good for you.

What if fast tag is not installed?
The government has made a new plan for the jam on toll plazas in the big cities of the country, that you will get the toll without stopping you, in which you will have to use a new faster, so that at the same time increasing  Pollution will also be stopped on this, Union Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari has told that those who will not use fastag they will pay double toll tax.

How to overcome the problems related to Fastag
Since fastag is being used in India, at the same time it is also facing problems like if the scan is not done anywhere, then fast track of many people is not working at a speed.  Looking at the same thing, you can call the National Helpline number of the National Highway Authority and ask about your devotees or you can get rid of your problems by visiting the official website (www.ihmcl.com) of the Highway Authority.

Fastag user county
Prior to India, this technology has been used in countries like Europe and America where people leave without stopping.  They do not need to do anything like this and money is deducted from their account, India is also using it now.

Is fastag secure?
Yes Fastag is absolutely secure.  There is no risk of any kind in it.  The amount of payment required in it is cut as much money, it is not a problem of hacking.  It can be run easily so it is a very good thing.

Some important factor after starting of Fastag in India
With the introduction of Fastag, people are facing problems.  By the way, the convenience of such people is being built.  But according to a report, ever since it has been practiced, the reason behind the over-stopping toll plaza is that people are facing difficulties in understanding it.  Even the toll employees are having problems in understanding it and many times the sensors on the toll plaza are unable to read that code and many people have not even heard of it, so they have to give 2 minutes more.  Used to be.  So people have to stay longer at the first hour but the government claims that in time people will understand something and they do not face any kind of problem.

So friends, I hope you must have liked the post written by me. What is Fastag, then through Faster you can easily travel.  You will not have any kind of problem as friends, I know everything about Fastag right now if you want to ask me anything else, then you can definitely ask me in the comment section and if you have found something wrong in this post then you  I must Friends, if you liked my post, then definitely share it with your friends and share it with your relatives.  Because through this post you can tell everyone what a Faster is and that people and nowadays everybody travels on this, then everybody should know about it so that they can avoid giving more Told then friends my post  You must share your information with your friends and friends as soon as the information spreads among all people.
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