What is Google datally? What is use of Google datally?

Google datally

What is Google datally, what works, it takes Google datally. Why did we need it? Apple, the biggest IT company, has made it an application with the help of which data users can be reduced to many extent.
Most people in India use the Internet as entertainment, so that data is used on the YouTube  website etc.   Along with this, it operates in the background.  Our data blows about which we do not know and our data flies away.  Hence data saver is used to save data. Through this app, we are able to do a lot of our work, which we are deprived of.  We are able to do two things.  Because this sentinel is saving our data, so that we are able to do all our work.
That's why Google has also created a datally saver app.  Which is named Google de clap.  It is specially designed for those people.  Those who have absolutely no knowledge of data saver apps, because of which all their data goes away, so today I am going to tell you about the Google datally take app.

What is google datally app
Google, which is the world's largest search engine company, had named it Angle during son testing, which has later helped us by creating Google datally name from Google.  Because our data that used to fly in vain would have saved you by google datally.
Many people did not even know how their data was blown up after all, it has helped us somewhere, the data that used to be useless to us, is now remaining, Google has started this app in all platforms across the world Has launched. Google datally Android 5.0 version or more can run in phones with higher version, you can download it from Google Play Store and run it on the phone. Mobile data is used daily by most of the people all over the world, but many people find it very expensive, so it is even more wrong that neither the data has finally gone or it is not known, that is why  Google data.  And also works to control the data. The Google datally app is a very good app.  Because it saves your data by extracting it and Through this app, we can save our data, which flies in a haphazard way.  Meaning is spent and the user is deprived of this thing without doing any important work.  That is why Google created a new one so that our data will be checked, it is very good that every Android users should use it in their phones.

Features of google datally
By the way, the main feature of making Google datally is to save data and its main features are data bubble and data saver.

Data bubble
Using the data bubble, you can block the data usage of any app by blocking it. When you use Data bubble, you will get two options in it, using front and back, you will be able to use Data real time and if an app uses more data then you can stop its data usage.

Data saver
Through this, you can save 30 percent data.  You can set the limit of data on any app.Due to which the data will cost less and if the data flies in a haphazard manner, then we can stop it and in doing so we can use other apps as well.  Meaning you can also use your favorite app.

Wifi finder
WiFi Finder is one of the main features of Google datally that tells about the free Wi-Fi around us.  Before connecting to Wi-Fi network, how well fitting other user is given to that network, the better the user gives him a meeting, the network works as well and any user after using the network, he can give performance rating according to his own.

Size of google datally
The size of Google datally and other data savers is quite small.  Its size is only 4.3 MB Google Day Clap does not even have much space, so in this way it is quite a good.

How works google datally
Whenever we use an app in our smartphone, a lot of apps also run simultaneously.Which keep on destroying our data, about which the user has no information and the data keeps on running and when he needs it, then he does not have the data, then to solve the same problem, Google has used Google datally has made you turn off the unannounced apps running in our phone.  So that our data is not spent and it tells the data users of the apps, Which gives us an idea of ​​which apps have used so much of our data?

What is data saver app
Data saver apps are those which try to save data in our phone.  Apps that are used to save data, apps which are used less in running apps also. With which a lot of our data is saved, that's why Google also brought Google datally because people used to complain that they should do a little work whenever their data was spent completely and now they could not get their main work done.  These people kept using data saver apps.

Friends, I hope that you have got all the information about the posts written by me and not Google data, and you must have understood everything from the posts I have written.  Today I have requested people to share this post among their friends and relatives so that information remains among us so that Google is a very good topic for data so that you must know.  Nowadays, time is very important, tell us about this thing, who uses the internet, so everyone tells about it.
I want to help all my colleagues wholeheartedly.  Friends, if you have any mistake in the post written by me, then forgive me and if you have any problem related to this post, then you must ask me in the comment section and if you want to reveal your thoughts, then you must tell me so  I can improve the upcoming posts.
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