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Do you know what is an MS Word, do you know how to use it, so today I am going to tell you about it, I probably use it in my daily routine.  There are many such people among us, but we can only use it.  When you would know anything about it, it was created on 25 October 1983 from Microsoft and not since it came in our midst and its arrival made many of our tasks easier.  What is this application that is part of Microsoft Office.
You can create your document using MS Word, you can also create it in your review.  Please start in blanc you have to create the first page and then later you can work on the page.  It has a template, through which you can make things like resumes or flyers, and the work done by it would have been quite good.Friends, MS word is a very good thing, you must learn it in the village companies, nowadays it is definitely demanded, so there is definitely work on it, so you must definitely learn from it, so today I am always going to tell you about it.
You can also create a certificate in it, you can do word typing in it as well and you can also do all the word documentation work.  That is why today I am going to tell you about it.  Because through it all the work is being done nowadays.  So I thought I would give you information about it.  So that your basic is absolutely clear and there is no problem of any kind while running from you, then without delay, let me tell you what is Microsoft?

What is MS word?
Microsoft once used to design software such as Delhi.  Microsoft is a component.  We can buy it on standalone base of Microsoft Office Suite.  Because it would be productivity software.
Microsoft first launched it in 1983 and later it became so popular that it was repeatedly revisited by Microsoft Windows and macinton available in both.

Features of MS Word
MS Word has a lot of features like it has an option of spell checking through which we can check the spelling whether our spelling is right or wrong and it can also bold the text in it and it had many kings.  Watching the serial, which has made our work much easier.  The company has designed according to our needs and has many features.  Like you Now Like you can write every text in it with a different color and also cut the type and where you can also put your name on the piece.  Like water mark can.  Please select the border and there are many things that you can see in this. Friends MS Word is very important nowadays.  That is why today I am going to tell you about your word.  In this you can make the text bold.  Test can be removed.  Can draw underline under him.  You can write the paragraphs in it, below that you can reduce it, you can enlarge it, often you can change the style and the biggest thing is that you will be able to find out anything in it, which word where you have written.

Who created MS Word?
The first version of MS Word was developed by Charles Simoni and Richard brodie and both were already programs for Drox.  They were done by Microsoft's owner Bill Gates and Poland in 1981 and both of them developed Microsoft and later launched it.

How operate MS word in windows 10?
Windows 10 has about 512 apps.  You cannot see apps from them in the shortcut list and something similar happened with Microsoft earlier and it was fixed later in November and its first version for Microsoft Word of Automatically will be downloaded and installed.  Download itself whenever its version is available.

How uninstall apps from windows 10?
If you do not have 365 subscriptions of the office or have expired, or if you are not running properly, you can install it.  It is absolutely possible.  To uninstall this app in the window 10.

How to run MS Word?
If you are in resume in MS Word or how to do any work, then I must read it given by Microsoft, Microsoft is a very popular document all over the world.  Which we can definitely learn.  Whatever type of format you want to do it legal or personal paper.  There are different formats for all these things.  That is why read all the guidelines properly, you will learn to run the necessary MS Word after reading it.  Because it is a very good thing.  Without it all our work is incomplete and if we know how to run it, then we can do all the work immediately and nowadays we must learn it.  Because it is in demand in most companies, it can only get jobs on the base.  So today I am teaching you to run Miss World.

How to learn MS Word?
It is not difficult to understand a new user.  Rather it is easier to understand than it is a thing to understand a little carefully.
1.Menu bar
This is the area that is located in the large top of the screen and there you can see everything like file edit and other menu documents.
This option is located just below the man ur and the command task works.  Such as shaving printing opening.
It is located below the tool bar and above the workspace.  This owner organizes Microsoft's features and categories such as layout now and we tag organizes these things.
How adjust document alignment?
Many types of documents have text alignment, through this you can click and place your document in the left right and center.
Line spacing
You can adjust the setting, for this you can text on paragraph spacing which you can set by following the special after using the tool.
Change paper size
You can probably change this by going to the page layout section, which happens in the new bar itself.
Add bullets and numbers
This button can be seen on the side of the off ribbon.  This number shows these buttons which you can see on the left of the number line and the bullet button displays 3 small lines are left.
Find the word
It has been considered one of the best teachers of Find.  Because we have written a paragraph supported by you, if you want to find a bird in it, then go to the Find and type that word and select it, you will be bold where that ward is written, you will be able to find out that your whose the word Where did he type.
Replace the word
Replacement also has a very good option.  Whatever badva you want to present through this, you write that bird and make it ok and that word of the word will be typed exactly where you want to write the word.
Add columns
If you want to create a document through columns, then you have to select the columns. Here you have to select the option of columns. You can find that button by following the drop down.
How add picture in document
If you want to put a picture in the document, then you can also put a picture in it.  If you have a picture that is saved in the picture, then now you can apply it by going to other wise clip art, you can also put a picture of the cartoon from there, which you can go to the insert option.

Adjust header and footer
1.If you want to attach a header to the document, double-click in the top of the document and appear the header in the top of the document.
2.If you want to add a footer to a document's footer, then you have to double click on the son, which will automatically make the footer appear and this is exactly the opposite of header.
3.If you want, you can edit the header and footer, for which you also have to click , which is the topper without the screen of the menu bar.  In it, you have to click on the first photo which is present in the list.

Friends, I hope that you have got all the information about the post MS word written by me and you have understood everything in the post that I have written, I request people today that you people should also post this post to your friends and relatives.  Surely share so that our information will be shared and everyone will benefit from this post and I wait for your help today so that I can go online  Denied could muster.  I want to share from my user's heart.  That is, friends, if there is any mistake in the post written by me, then forgive me and if you have any doubt in this post, then ask me by commenting and if you want to reveal the thoughts related to this post then definitely tell me so that I can improve the upcoming post. 
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