What is programming?What is the major use of Progarmming?


Do you know what programming is?  Instructions are given in computer by programming so that the task that we have to come to completes, so I am going to tell you about programming today.  So that you get all the information you want.

What is programming?
Programming language is the language that is given by the users and the computer can understand us, we cannot talk with the computer in the language of human, that is why we talk computer to machine language which is called binary.The computer understands the programming language we write by changing it in Binary. Because he only understands (0,1). Changing the programming language is called compiling.  Whether it is a language like Java, Python C++ convert it from computer to a binary.
The language is used to allow users to access the computer in a language that the computer understands.
The main purpose of programming is that the instruction of the computer with the hardware and the coding of the court given by the user can work.

Classification of programming language
1.Machine language
2.Assembly language
3.High level language

1.Machine language
Machine language is closest to the computer. Machine language 0 ,1 two digits are used and is the basic language of the computer So that the computer can understand directly the computer's circuit i.e. the circuit is binary code would recognize (0,1).

Two reasons are very difficult to prepare machine language
In order to write a program in machine language, the programmer has to memorize the machine instructions as either number.  And at the same time the programmer should also have complete knowledge about the hardware structure of the computer.

2.Assembly language
The assembly language was created to easy the work of  Humans.  Replacement of machine language in it, the assembly language is also unique using that simple (add, mov).  The assembler decodes the court given in assembly language so that the computer can understand it.

3.High level language
C, C++,Java etc. All these languages ​​are high level languages. It is very easy to write all these languages ​​so that the  does not face any problem and their code is also like English and this language is translated by the compiler interpreter.  Interpreter is more interactive according to compiler.

List of all programming language
1.Machine language
2.Assembly language
3.High level language
4.System language
5.Scripting language
6.Visual language
7.Esoteric language
8.Domain specific language

Types of Programming language
1.High level
2.Low level

1.High level
  1.High level language are easy to learn.
  2.High level language are near to human.
  3.Translator is required.
  4.Programs in high level language are slow in execution.
  5.Its language are easy to modify.

2.Low level
  1.Low level language are difficult to learn.
  2.Low level are far from humans.
  3.No translator is need.
  4.Programs in low level language are fast in execution.
  5.Low level languages are difficult to modify.
  6.Deep knowledge of hardware is required to write programs.

What is python?
Python is an advanced programming and is very easy.  Its code is too short. Python is a much better language than C.  Because it can be learned easily, big programmers use Python.
1.Professionals using Python.
2.Python is also used in organizations like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google etc. 3.Industries that use Python is used in internet development etc.

Features of Python
1.Python is very easy, which is why it is used.  
2.Free Interpreter is available in Python. 
3.There are frameworks in Python. This leads to website development.

The beginning of Python
Python was developed in 1980 and was released in 1991,and firstly Publicly released in Netherland.

What is java?
Java is an object oriented high level programming language with many features that For web based development.
1.Java is used by professionals and Industries.
2.It is mostly used by employers.
3.Major organizations using it like V2com, Eclipse information technologies, epay, Eurotech.
4.Java is mainly used to create video games and mobile apps.

Why are we need of java?
Java is used to create enterprise level applications, we can also create apps and web based applications from Java.
Java is mainly used in Adobe Creative, Suite, Eclipse lotus etc. Java is the core foundation from which we develop Android apps.

Features of java
1.Java facilitates application portability.
2.Java is a Robust language and at the same time it is also an Interpreted language in Java.
3.Java's library is a very extensive network.

The beginning of java
Java was developed by Sun Micro systems in 1990.  The main reason for developing Java by Sun Micro systems was the addition of some capabilities to C++.
One thing was especially taken care of in making Java, that means write once and use anywhere Java was released in 1995.

What is HTML?
HTML is a standard marcup language. Web pages are created from HTML The HTML Proper works to display text and images as they want to be displayed.

Why are we need of HTML?
1.HTML is used by Web Developers Technical Editor Email Designer Software Engineer. 2.HTML is used by  In these industries, some organization is definitely used to make company website.
3.Some organizations where they are definitely used.  Apple, Cyber codes, apex systems etc.

Why should we learn HTML?
HTML is used to create electronic documents.  You can view HTML Collection in any page.  The current sites structure and experience are made possible by HTML.

Features of HTML
1.HTML is very easy to learn.
2.HTML is free as well as accessible.
3.HTML is available in multiple versions.

The beginning of HTML
HTML was created by Berners Lee in the year 1990, Berners Lee did stay away rich in plain-text.

Java script
Java script is A object oriented programming language. JavaScript runs in the client browser Java is also a high level language.  Java can be used to create mobile apps and GUI apps as it can be read and read by this human. This language is used to develop all such software apps. Java is also effective in creating web applications.

Need of Java
Java is needed by programs and gamers.  We do Java in web development and any electronic gadget (mobile computer, smart watch washing machine) etc. have been made possible by all Java.

Features of Java
1.Java has many frameworks.
2.It is easy for the user to get references.
3.it is easy to learn the features of Java.

The beginning of Java
Java was created by NetsCafe in 1995 but when its language name was Live Script which later became JavaScript.

What is C language?
C language is a middle level programming language and is used to create small or light apps and C is used to teach students coding.  Because this is the first stage to learn C programming.

Need of C
1.C is used in professions and industries.
2.It is used in engineering management health care and professional services.
3.It is used in major organization like Microsoft Apple Oracle etc.
4.It also used in gaming programming.

Why is it important to learn C language?
C is used in the application table up.  It is also used in graphics packages word processor database is etc.

Features of C
1.It is easy to learn, it contains only 32 keywords.
2.It is the foundational language for new programs.

The beginning of C language
C language did Bell Labs in and developed in 1972.  Later it became very advanced for implementation in unique systems like C++.

1.C++ is a middle level language.
2.C++is the form of C, which has been added a bit more features.
3.Its extension is dot c plus plus to c++.
4.C++ is used in Cin and Cout

Need of C++
1.C++ is used by professionals and industries.
2.It is used by embedded engineer programmers.
3.Mainly some important companies also do it.  Like Mozilla, Firefox, adobe software etc.

Why is it important to learn C++?
1.The main reason for learning this is gaming, this gives gamers ease
2.Blackberry OS has been created from C++.

Features of C++
1.The Library of C++ is Rovers Standard.
2.Its mechanism is quick processing.
3.By learning C++ we can learn more languages ​​after this, which is why it is taught in college.

The beginning of C++
The C++ was created in 1983, the C++  gives high level extraction.  To make a project work well.
PHP is a pre processor hypertext language. PHP is used to create dynamic web pages.  PHP is also used for general purpose.

Use of PHP
1.It is used in professions and industries.
2.PHP software engineers do it.
3.It is main in designing management financier

Why it is learn of PHP?
PHP has been used in Facebook and Yahoo's Lamp platform.  WordPress and drupal use PHP.

Features of PHP
1.PHP is a very simple language.
2.PHP is also open source as well as it is used in web servers.

The of PHP
PHP was released in 1995 PHP was formulated as server scripting.

SQL is stand form database query language.
SQL content needs to be added to the database Loves SQL is used in many industries like testers, software developers, database etc.
SQL was released in 1974 but when its name was SEQUEL which later became SQL and ORACLE was created its first version.

Friends, I hope that you have got the information from the article I wrote, if I have made any mistake then forgive me and if you want to clear some of the dots then comment below and if you like my post then it will share with own friends. 
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