What is pubg? What type of game Pubg?

 What is Pubg

Very few people will know about PUBG game, which is the most popular game in today's time is PUBG. This PUBG game has made its biggest craze in its very short time.  This popular game is so popular that everyone is turning towards this game.  Where you look on the Internet, you will see the game whether it is YouTube or Facebook mostly.Most of the first people liked to play outdoor games.  But now they prefer to play games on computers and smart phones.  The intoxication of this pubic game has been very much on the minds of youngsters.  This content game is so addictive that if you have played it once, then you can not leave it, you will have the desire to play this game again and again, this game has become the most viral in a very short time.  Pubg game is a free game.  If you download something, you do not have to pay any money.This game is a free game.  That is, a free game to play this content game which is a hardware requirement.  It is very rare.  You can play it very easily in any smartphone.  This game is available on all platforms.this game are internet based game.

This game is internet based because it provides thriller to the people playing the game.  People of all classes can play it easily.  Be it children or young people or adults, this game is applicable for everyone. And this game is more liked by all the games.  Most people overcome their tension by playing this game, that is to say, most people like to play the game of Pubg to overcome their tension.  To give all these information to you, I thought why don't I give you full information about Pubg game.

Let's start with what is a PUBG game and how is it played.

Full form of PUBG game:-
( Player know's battlegrounds)

hat is a PUBG:-

everyone knows that this pubic game is an online game.  We need internet to play this game.  It is an action based game.
Which is played on smart phones and computers. PUBG game is a multiplayer game. It was created by Blue hole, a krone video game making company. In 2017, this Pubg game was launched worldwide.
The game became so popular that the game was also launched for Android and iOS, by obliging its developer and seeing the popularity of this game.  Because this PUBG game is a multiplayer game.  So we can not play it singles, we cannot play it alone, we have to play this game together with the player.Which makes it even more interesting.

He thing needed to play PUBG:-
Most of the people know that this game is an online game i.e. to play it we need internet for which we need mobile data or we do not have a net, then in this case you can also use wifi  Can play the game.  All these things mean that if we do anything, we need internet to play this public game.And apart from all these things, you get Android Mobile 5.1.  Must be 1 or above and its mobile Ram must be at least 2 GB.  No matter how much RAM you have, this game will run as smooth as you can by installing this Pubg game in your mobile and which can be easily played in your mobile.

Future of PUBG Game:-

1.Official PUBG is now available on mobile as well.
In this puzzle game 100 players are taken off the plane in a remote 8 * 8 km island with a parachute and only one player winner is out of these 100 players only by killing all the appointments.  The title bears its name. The player also has to find the weapon's vehicle and supplies to protect themselves.  For all these things he does not have to approve his appointee, in this we have to play Stanley.

2. Realistic weapon's
In this, the developers have tried to give realistic weapon's as possible.  Such as firearms melee weapon's, throwaways realistic ballistic, or travel trajectories that provide a lot of options to the player playing the scheme.To shoot beat down or do anything, your enemies are placed in the same manner as they are in a real battle.

3.Can You Trouble In Style:-
There are also many travel options for players playing this game.  Like a car motorcycle jeep boats so that you can travel well on the road out of the river in a good way and now it also has another new option for traveling up in the air.  The helicopter from which you can travel in the air above it.  Now a lot of new things get to be seen in the PUBG game and you can wipe out your enemy in any way you want and you can use all these sisters well to avoid enemy attacks.

4.Team up with your friends:-
A team is formed in this, we can play our friends together.  With this, you have to play by protecting yourself in the team, for which you do not have to do it with friends.  If you want, you can also invite your friends and voice chat.  With which you easily address your friends and friends play consciously together.

Friends, as I told you in the post, what is Pubg .How to play it.What is the use of this. If you have understood anything in this post or if you have any kind of any kind, then you can tell me in the comments.
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