What is Server? Why we need server?


What works  Today we are going to tell you about this type of Server, how this Server is like.  Because Server is a very important topic, then students like you must have heard something about the server somewhere, like if we go to fill a government job or private job form, then the shopkeeper says that now Server not coming.  Meaning there is too much load on that site so your server is very down right now. Either we take the money out of the bank, the shopkeeper says that if the server is down now, then we will not be able to withdraw the money, even if we go to the bank for money transfer, he still says that the server is down.
Internet is a very good thing.  Because through this, we can do any work immediately, so every person is surrounded by the Internet, so no human being can do all these things.  Therefore, man has created a machine for all this work.  With which the program using the server has been loaded, So students, let us give you the information related to the server.

what is Server Server a kind of computer which provides services to other computers and users.  Server can also be a hardware.
It can also be a computer program that is loaded into one computer and send information to another computer.
Server's job is to convey information to the user of the Internet who wants to receive the information.  When we watch a video on YouTube or search in the browser, we get a result.
I am on a website or a channel that Server provides to us on the basis of our request or on the basis of what we put only.

How server works?
By example, understand that you have to watch a video on YouTube.  Why would you write the keywords of that video in YouTube's search box and give a request on the Internet, then the Internet goes to YouTube's server, searches for that video and then puts the result in front of you which video you want to watch.
Everything we do on the Internet, such as downloading or browsing a file.  Meaning use this social networking sites.  Apart from this, whatever work we do related to social networking, the server helps us in all these things.

Types of server
We have so many Servers with changing age like that.  A server is such a device that works to supervise this research.
For example, the server has different functions for all functions. File server works to store all files.

Web servers
The work of the web server is that the pair website on the Internet is to store their data and give the result according to the report given by the user and this web server is connected to all browser schools and then according to the user's result, it will send the browser to the server  Connected to and gave scolding to the user.

Email server
Through the email server we exchange emails that the mail server stores all the information on the server.
For ex. If you are sending an email to your friend, then it reaches your friend account through the email server SMTP protocol.

File server
First of all, file server is used in local networking.  File server helps in transferring files through network.  The file server also managing after storing the file in the computer.

Group ware server
The main reason behind creating a groupware server was that you could join any work and get any work done from anywhere, so that we can also connect to the Internet.We can also work together in such an environment.

Application server
Application server puts a large amount of computing computing between server and end user.

Audio video server
Ability in multimedia application comes through audio video server, so that we can broadcast multimedia content in websites. Whenever a song or video is viewed on a website, the user can see the result only through audio video server and YouTube  But something similar happens.

Chat server
Chat server is very popular nowadays.  Especially among the youth because we are able to convert chat server with each other, with the help of chat server we are able to chat on Facebook, whatsapp and it is a real time instance and this real time is offering many other features.  is.  Because text appears are happening in displaying navigation moving object.

Fax server
The fax server serves to reduce incoming and outgoing telephone resource and also saves the fax server time and is commonly used in large organizations.

FTP server
The full name of FTP is File Transfer Protocol.  This is a very old service which is provided by the Internet. The job of FTP is to transfer the file from one place to another place with the full security.

Proxy server
The proxy server filters the requirements.  The proxy server also shares out the connection.  A proxy server exits in a client program.

News server
News server is used to share news. And it uses a USENET network.

I hope what is the post server I wrote?  I try that you will like the information given by me and the information given by me will be absolutely correct and the information given by me will also save your time.
If you have some doubt in the information given by me, then you must tell me by commenting below and according to your comment I will definitely excel.  If you liked the post, then definitely share it among your friends and also share it on social sites so that your friends also get this information.And you will be very happy to get the information from me because the information I have given is absolutely better for today.  Because everyone is using it nowadays.  Young old children and without it everything is incomplete.  Some network work will be required by someone or other, so the information given by me is absolutely correct and you have been given information by it.  If you have any problem in this, then you must tell me.
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