What is Social media? know all about of soial media.

Social media

What is social media?  Why are we using this social media and we are using it all the time, friends and everyone knows about it well today, it is nothing but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik tok, And some other networks.

Social media is nothing but social communication with each other and staying connected with each other is a physical network.  This network only works online.  That is why today is the era of online, so people use social media to talk to each other.
And we photo s.m.s.  Also send necessary documents.  Social media makes a good rapport between our relatives and friends living abroad and through this we keep in touch with each other.
That is why I am going to tell you about social media today.  Today I will give you complete information about this thing.  Because nowadays everyone is using it but no one has the right information about it, so today I have chosen this topic so that you can get the right information. Social media is very important in our life.  We cannot live without social media and we are able to do all the work that we do by connecting with social media and any company all needs social media.  They work through the internet and if there is no internet, then they will not be able to do any work through the internet like we have to face many problems.

Social media?
Social media is a service.  Which means using the internet to exchange ideas and your important things with your friends relatives and where you can share with each other on the idea of ​​relationship and education.  With this, countries can also get important information about abroad and countries can also get knowledge about all the events happening abroad.Any internet-related work that we have done, whether it is to fill a form, send a message to someone or talk to someone is anything that we work through the internet, all social media  Come under.
I request you guys to be cautious while using social media.  Because sometimes people go there too.  Some hackers sleep and steal their data and can also use them to trap them.  That is why social media should be done carefully and sometimes a police case also happens, so in this case one should work very carefully.  Anyone connected on social media.

Definition of social media.
Social media does more than create a profile for its users, but we can divide it into two categories.
1.External social media
2.Internal social media

1.External social media
External social media is an open and public network.  People here are connected to each other in large quantities.  Just like if this network is public then anyone can join you in it.  Let's experiment.  You add photos and befriend each other and this network attracts people towards them so that the user gets more and more attracted. Exp. Facebook, twitter, insta, etc.

2.Internal social media
Internal social media is a lost and private network.  Here people are connected to each other in small quantities.  As this network is private, no one can connect to it quickly.  If someone wants to join this network, then it requires an invitation.  You can join this system only after getting an invite. Exp. Institute group, hacking group etc

Social Media Features.
Social media is a web best survey that social media services allow people to create public and sane public profiles.  At the same time, he shares his contact photo papers etc. with each other.  These connections vary from one nature to the other nomenclature. Through this we can connect with each other and some people can not talk to each other through voice, they can send messages by writing to others.

Types of social media
Business application
Social media is very good in business.  Through social media, we can chart off the business and by bringing many people together, we can make the business bigger.  We can advertise the business we are doing through social media.We can do our business completely online.  Because we can sell the products of the business we are doing online and nowadays many companies are doing the same. The people can buy it directly by ordering online, then social media is a very good platform for business.

Medical application
Health professionals also use social media to increase their knowledge, they also do their institute through this. Health professionals also adds themselves through social media.  This makes people aware of adds like people can go from one place to another for their treatment.

Social media is also being used in the Investigation Department, which helps in catching the criminal.  The Investigation Department traces the offender and is also able to gather information about the criminal's social express.

Risks from social media
Where we do our work immediately using social media and we are able to gather information about the world.  We can know about any culture as well as social media also consists of a lot of risks. Due to which we have to face many difficulties, which is very important to know risks.
As we all know that there are 2 aspects of every coin, we can get many frauds while using social media which can trap us by becoming friends and can also hack our profile.

Social media risks
1.Loss of privacy
The right to privacy on social media is very dangerous.  Because the hacker is our privacy, we can miss all our data.  So that we can also first start very soon.  Therefore, we should never give our information.  Meaning, your information should never be shaved on social media.

2. Access of inappropriate content
If we are watching something on the Internet, at the same time, we can also come across these inapproprite content, we can do anything we want, in any way such as pilot and sexual or any advertisement related to a drug can be done. All these things can also be shared by other people on social media.  Whether it can be in the form of a gender or in the form of a notice.

Advantages of social media
Social media is a structure where people maintain their relationships.  Now it has become an Internet tool.  But communication has now become a fundamental tool of the Internet. Where they use it from politician to student.
1.We can use social media for advertising because by advertising on it we can get good response and by advertising on social media we can make our work reach people well.
2.On social media, we can talk to our relatives living far less, that also costs less.
3.We also discuss through social media.  Meaning you can also debate about a topic.  4.Social media is also used in police investigation.  This helps the police a lot.

Disadvantage of social media
1.Through social media, a person can get your privacy and he can also trap you by using it wrongly and many people are falling victim to it nowadays.
2.With the use of social media, the youth of today are also deteriorating a lot due to the use of computers and other gadgets.
3.With social media running, people are getting away from their loved ones.  Because he is becoming more busy on social media.  4.Through social media, many people also get ignorant of me, due to which they have to face many problems.
5.Through this, people also lose money deposited in their bank.

Future of social media
We are living in the world of technology today.  Where we are doing anything with less technology.  Our life has become much easier with the use of social media.  Because we can do all the work through social media sitting at home.  Whether it is any work like booking a ticket, shopping, bank can do any thing through social media, we can do social media, on which social information is available and we can get any information immediately.

Use of social media as a business model
We will need an account to create a business on social media, after creating it, we will have to create a group on which people can come and join and we can tell people about our business and after adding more people to your page  On your page, a company will contact you for advertising, in this way you can give a good platform to your business through social media.

Friends, I hope that you have got the complete information about the social media posts I have written and you will have understood everything from the posts I request you guys to share this post among your friends and relatives so that this information will be exchanged between us and we will all benefit from this post and I am waiting for your help today.  Have been  With which I can gather more new information.
I want to help my users wholeheartedly.  Forgive me, friends, if there is any mistake in the post written by me, and if you have everything in this post, then ask me by commenting and if you want to reveal the thoughts related to this post, then let me know so that I and other upcoming posts  I can improve. 
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