What is storage device? Why we need it?

Storage device

What is a stories device?  Everyone uses it, but very little is found about it.  But almost everyone uses it.  But no one knows about this task.  Even if you search too much, you don't get much.  Because of which many people do not know about it, what is it, what are its types, how are we, as we all know that it was used to store a data and by the way we can store everything in the phone  Let's try.  It has some alternative and other names by which we are also known as the story device of Stories Stories Medium.This hardware device is something that data temporary and permanent list and it stores any data or information.
If we look through the computer from Aadhaar, it stores the data as if someone has been able to access the data immediately.  It stores the data in electromagnetic and optical form and through this, it is very important to know the storage device if the computer is able to access the data when needed.  Because we use it every day means no one knows anything about it.  So today I thought that if everyone is told about it, then without delaying, I will tell you about what a story device is and its types.

What is storage device?
As I have already told you that the storage device works to store any data information.  Whether it can be a temporarily or permanent store and stores the data in the digitally form.
These are typically two types of devices used in computers.
1.Primary store
2.Secondary store
Primary store
This memory is the temporary which we also call volatile in another language and their memory is fixed.
Ex Ram
Secondary store
This memory is permanent in that a large amount of data can be stored which we can access anytime.
Ex hard drives

History of storage
Friends, the history of computers has been very old because ever since the computer was built, we have an increased need for one thing along with our companions and that is the stories that there is something that we need.  In order to tow us data plans or even to move the data from here to us, we always have something or the other.Because we see anything on the Internet, we think that it comes to us so that we do not lose it, so if we have that thing stored in our computer, then we can save it in it, that's why  This is quite a good thing.  For that, we have to make stories in our computer as it is We have needed it, as it is, its construction has become more rapid.  Quick game new creation Cloud storage can store data in the background and we can access it anytime.

Why we use of secondary memory
We use it mostly in secondary devices.  Because the data memory is stored in the primary memory and after shutting down the computer, it goes to the By Tata area and on the other side the secondary storage keeps the full data stored permanently.  That data, even in very large quantities, can be stored and kept.  Very small amount of primary memory was required to store two data.
A special feature of the secondary store is that it is removable and together it can be both internal and external.A storage device is a very good device.  Because we can store our data in it.  It can store and store data for a long time.  Its job is to store the data.  Ever since we have had the need to stall data, it has been increasing day by day.  Just like before we used memory, there is no need to add button memory to the phone.  Because we do not have internal phone memory, we do not need to install memory, we can save our data in the phone itself and the value of that data is increasing day by day.  After the first 32GB to 64GB, it has become 128GB and it continues to grow.  Are increasing.

Remote storage
Cloud storage
Cloud storage is one such storage space that is also used on a commercial basis.  Which any computer can access with the help of internet.  Not everyone can use them because it is provided by the service provider.  This service provider company Check Limited Stories data provider comes and if you want more story then you have to take subscription for it.
Service provider :- Amazon S3, sky drive etc.

This is a very good backup.  It cannot be effected by anyone.  Whether it is through the flat square itself or the rich is safe and through this we can keep the data absolutely safe with it.

It is much more expensive.  Because it has to take subscription for more space and to get it we need internet which data we have saved on cloud.  Without internet, we will not be able to access the data. The most inaccurate is that they are much slower than other webcaps, meaning it takes a lot of time to access the data.

Pen drive
When it comes to storage devices and no pen drive how can it be so good?  Because pen drive is such a great thing that we can store our data and generation is used to move data from here to there.  Looking at the same thing, a generation was created that could move the game data back and forth and we can keep the data in a safe place. Our data never be removed in the Pen drive so pen drive is a good thing because the pen drive store a big data. Also have a limit of pen drive   of data than the data is a stored.

It is very small as its size is the smallest and with it its capacity is also low. And because it is not a moving parts, it makes it cry and it is also on the portal so that they can be fitted anytime.  It is used in moving the data here and there.  That is why it is also the most ideal and it is used in plenty.  Their capacity is around 4GB to 64GB, it is helpful in storing up to 64GB of data, so they are used in a large amount.
Ex :-Meaning I have a laptop and it has some data that my friend also needs and since then there is no laptop.  So that if there is data, then the place where USB is used will take data from that laptop from my laptop and put it in my computer and use it later.

This is very good portable storage, we can keep it in less space.  This makes it more portable.

It is very expensive, the recording of parasites is quite a lot, so we prefer to store less data in it.  Because the more data you store in it, the more expensive it becomes.

External hard drive
These hard drives can be installed in computers and laptops and you can apply them in the computer.  If you want, you can remove them and they are also separated in the computer, they are in 2 sizes.

Desktop external hard drive
Its length is about 3.5 inches because it can be used in desktop computers and they are used as smoothly , we can definitely use it.

Portable external hard drive
Its length is about 2.5 inches.  We use them in laptops.  Their publicity ranges from 160GB to 3 TV.  They have a lot of space.  So we can add a lot of them and these are very good, so we can add a lot.

1.It is very good.  Where large amount data has to be inserted.  It is used there.
2.It is very cheap, it is used more for other storage, we are also used more than us.

It deteriorates very quickly.  If it falls down, then it is spoiled.  This is a problem of someone who is very wrong, because of its deterioration, it also causes a lot of damage because it comes very expensive.

Friends, I hope that you have got the complete information about the post storage device written by me and you must have understood everything from the post I have written, I request people today that you people can post this post to your friends relatives  Share between so that information can be exchanged between us and this post will benefit everyone.  Because what I have written is a very good thing.  And you people will get much more benefit from it, so that I can gather no more information.  I want to help others that use mine.  If there is something wrong in the post I wrote, then please forgive me and if you do not understand anything in it, then ask me by commenting and if you want to reveal the thoughts related to this post, then you make some correction in the post telling me. 
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