Benefits of Coronavirus | What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Corona virus (covid-19)

The coronavirus global epidemic that started in China has now spread all over the world, causing around 300,000 deaths in the world and the number of deaths has not stopped and deaths are occurring and most are caused by non-viruses. The Maoist has spread, it has spread to America and at least 65000 people have died there and it has confused our entire world, due to which they are facing security. This is why due to coronovirus the world has been applied to one people - the same system and people in their country, it happens that people have to stay at home and do all the household work. It has been in operation for almost 40 days and is increasing daily in India as well, due to which many problems are being faced, due to which all work has been stopped. The economy is collapsing.
The corona virus is spread due to contact with each other, if a person is suffering from it and is vulnerable to another person, due to which a lot has been planted in the country. Someone who came out of the houses

Benefits of coronavirus
The corona virus has come into the world of us humans as a period, but it has also done something good for humans in the Rho virus, as if the pollution is completely eliminated, due to which diseases are now spreading but the same Other works have also taken place.

Humans have been imprisoned in their own homes due to the corona virus. Once the human being did not stop at all and kept working, but due to this cry, the human being is now imprisoned in the house. So it has also stopped the meaning of resting a person in India, for this reason, humans can rest properly in this group and yes, have learned to work from home, then it is also quite good.

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कोरोनावायरस का लाभ....

Diseases like coronavirus have actually come as a period for humans, but this rain has also done something that has never happened, will never happen, man has many times to clean the rivers and its environment. . They have tried, but they have failed in this, but as soon as the cry virus has arrived, they have neither completely cured the rivers nor the environment.

It is not that the coronovirus is only doing harm, the benefits of cry viruses are also immense as if the atmosphere we have is very clean due to which animals and birds and our environment have been cleaned. The reason for this is that we are visible even at some distance and it has become virtuous due to which everything is correct.

Due to the Krona virus, which is our earth, our air has also been cleaned, due to which the rivers have been cleaned, so that we get to see completely new air everyday, it was great.

Another thing that has become very good because of the corona virus is that on whose roads we used to see accidents, which is not happening at all because there is absolutely no peace on the streets if you do not implement the lockdown.

Due to the arrival of Corona virus, all companies have been shut down and all factories have been closed, the water of all the rivers has become very clear and the benefit is due to the cleanliness of the rivers and was never seen. Girls are also now visible and children are breathing there.

Because of coronavirus, where everyone is imprisoned in their homes, people are born in their own homes on the other hand, so everything is perfect, because it means that the dirt is not spreading, so it is also a good thing .
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