Tik Tok Vs YouTube

Tik Tok Vs YouTube

Tik Tok Vs YouTube has been getting a lot of views for a few days, the reason behind this is that the famous YouTube Carry Menati put this video on its social media platform, due to which it made the video headlines overnight and Which Carry Menati YouTube is very popular on YouTube, because of which this video has been chosen only.

Why is this vedio so viral?
But this video became so famous that YouTube had to remove this video from its YouTube and YouTube removed this video saying that this video is against our policy which caused YouTube to delete this video because this video Through this, a war atmosphere was created. Carry menati people watching the tik tok are very visible in this and that is why this video had to be removed on YouTube but After the video was deleted, another atmosphere was created due to which this video became more trending and this video was being watched, but after the removal people will try to find out why this video was removed.

That's why this tiktok vs YouTube started trending on social media platforms and keeping this in mind, Twitter also removed this video of Carry minati from her account and she was given an advisory that if you do We will also block your account, that's why Nati is very much in the news.
However, in this video, Carry Minati Tik Tok was seen abusing user Amir siddiqui, it is not that the thing in this video that I abused is that immediately the video created an uproar, which caused the removal of the video It was said that there is no such thing as abuses.

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So friends Tiktok Vs YouTube has been running in front of us for a long time, so what is there in friends, what happened in Actual because it did not say something wrong about YouTube, in which what happened was it was answered?
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