What is IP address? Uses of IP address

What is IP address

What is IP address
IP Address

Do you know what the IP address is and what is done with it and why it is important that through this device it is possible to connect the computer to the Internet and due to this we are able to communicate with others.  As the name itself suggests, it is an address that can connect our device.  And there are crores of people in the world who use computers but no one knows what the ip address is.  What we can do with this is ip address is also called Internet password.  However, a common man does not need to know this.  Because he means only by running internet but a smart user needs to know it because only by using this technology does he do something new daily.  So it’s important to know

Today I am going to tell you about this technology IP address, what is the IP address, how it works and why it is necessary and how it is connected to the internet with the device, so let’s know what the IP address is.

Ip address:-

The full name of the IP address is the Internet Protocol address. By this we identify the device. It is only through the IP address of a network hardware that it helps in communicating from one device to another.  We can also call IP address simply IP.

We can easily identify any device, it addresses any one system through another system to be recognized by other systems which are connected through internet protocol.

There are only two primary types of IP address

What is IP address
IP Address



Why we use of Ip address

An IP address provides a different identity to any network to make it easier to find, just as we find a home or office by its address, it works exactly the same way so everyone’s IP address is always  Cannot be for example when a user searches a URL example www.technicalradio.com Then from the request sent by the user, that page is used by the Dnd server host name to load the Dns server to get its ip address such that the request sent by the user can provide it to the user if the computer  If he does not have an IP address, then he cannot do anything but nobody can find that computer.  Hackers are more aware of IP address because they can hack other’s computer only with the help of IPS because they change the IP address or they over-lap the IP address as it becomes easier and  The reasons for changing that IP address are not caught.

Types of IP address

1-private IP address

2-public IP address

3-static IP address

4-Dynamic IP address

Note:-every IP address have two types

Ipv4 or Ipv6

–Private IP address

Private IP address is used on the inside of a network.Suppose if you run one in your home, then type of device is used to communicate routers with other device. Private IP address is set to manually  Or it is also assigned automatically to its router.

–Public Ip address

The public IP address is used on the out side of the network and is the main address you use for your house or business network. It provides a way to communicate with all network devices in the world.  To access the ISP of the device so that all the websites around the world and with it can communicate directly with the device. 

Note:-Both private IP addresses and public IP addresses can be either dynamic or status.  This simply means that they may or may not change.

–Dynamic Ip address

An IP address that is sent to a dynamic IP address by a DHCP server is also called a dynamic IP address.

–Static IP address
What is IP address
IP Address

Unlike the dynamic address, the other one which is not with the DHCP server or the system does not support it is manually assigned, in this case the IP address is considered as static IP address and static IP address  Not much importance is given because if the address is set to be manually then it can work itself.

To find an IP address, only a few steps are needed to get different devices and operating systems.
1-Windows user To find the IP address in Windows, use the command promt and for which you have to use the ip config command

2-linux user has to launch the technical window to find the ip address and by clicking enter the command host name  if config this ip address is displayed.  And you can easily find the IP address. 

3-Mac users can view their local IP address using the command ipconfig in their system.

Users with an iPhone iPad device can view their private IP address, the IP address can be found via the Settings app in the WiFi menu.
There are a million people around the world. If everyone uses a device then ipv4 gives them a secure IP  If the address cannot be provided, then the same ipv6 supports about 340 trillion addresses, which is 34000000000000. This simply means that if every person  So even if a device is connected through internet, there can never be a shortage of ip address.
I hope you have liked the post about ip address, if you have some doubt, then please write in the comment and share the article with friends and relatives because nowadays everyone is connected through internet, so everyone  There must be knowledge about it and share it on Facebook Instagram etc.
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