What is WWW? Definition of web.

WWW (word wide web)

Do you know about WWW and how it works? Everyone uses the Internet but no one knows how it works and how it started.
Any website and web server Peplink wedding You are all connected to WWW. When using your Internet, WWW must be placed in front of any website as an example www.technicalradio.com
It is very important to know about all these in the world of this technology. Because we use it in Delhi last, so today we are going to tell you about WWW. 
What is WWW
WWW is the full form World Wide Web. Whose second name is W3 or web. HTML documents and bag resources are identified. They are also connected through the Uniform Resource Locator via www.mai html document hyperlink. All these web documents are accessed from the Internet.
This is one of the information to store the information www.ek primary tole from which we access the internet, the document is written in HTML code. 
Definition of web
1.The web is a huge network where every information is present and through the web we can get information about anyone and many files and web pages are interconnected in the house. You and any information was accessed through a web browser.We can also call the web a system. Because everything over here interconnected.We also know the web as Virtual Press. Because here webpages web server server side is accessed with HTTP protocol.It is a medium that connects resources and users via HTTP.
Combination of all websites and all webpages was called WWW.
How works WWW
Protocol sleeps for running multiple software in a web page, using a browser to open webpages. Yes, all these things are linked through links, all this work is done in the World Wide Web.
Berner lee was Develops Three Techniques
URL (Uniform resource locator)
HTML (Hyper text marcup language)
HTTP (Hyper text transfer protocol)
URL – Meaning where the address of the website is and helps to find your website.
HTML – In this we make the website. We build a website by coding through it.
HTTP- HTTP is installed before any website. It helps to find website.

History of WWW
Tim Berners Lee discovered WWW Team Berners Lee is called www.car Inventor. He had also made the text here, he had also made the communication through it, then only then you are able to communicate with the help of the internet and linking the web pages together.
Started work on WWW through test on Bar Nasal Canal and in 1989 Sarwar’s name was HTTP. In the beginning hypertext is WXSIWXY. The World Wide Web, which was run in the next step environment, had reached many countries of the world by 1991. 
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Web server
A web server is a type of program that anytime a user requests a web page through HTTP, the server also responds via HTTP. Does the response to any question asked The response given is the HTTP mail page only.
If you do some search on Google, it puts a lot of results in front of you. The website is hosted by computers. The website f the same called web server.
HTML (Hyper text marcup language)
HTML is used to create a website. The website is also called HTML document. The same page appears in WWW. Hyperlink to link one website to another web page.
 Web page
A language is also used to create a web page. A website is a collection of webpages. The server uses the URL address to find these web pages. And by searching the webpages through the URL and gives it to the user, Finds the command given by the user and finds it from the web page.

Web browser
Web browser is very important. Because without the browser, WWW cannot run. We can call that browser an application. Through which we can get the information of web page. Means accessing the web page.
Web browser converts HTML document to human readable form. Ex chrome, mozila, firefox, opera etc. 
Friends, I hope that you have got information from the life article I have written. I hope you came to know about WWW and it is very important to know WWW. Because we all use the Internet nowadays So that’s why we need to know Forgive me if I have made a mistake and if you want to clear some doubt, then comment below and if you like this post then definitely share it among your friends. Friends, what I have given you is very good information. Because it is definitely used in the daily life. Every person uses it in Delhi only, and without it our life is incomplete, on this we find everything and search and get our results immediately, so we need to know about it, so my post Like it and if there is any problem, then write in the box below, comment on it.
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