What is YouTube? How to make money from youtube?

What is YouTube

Today I will give you all the information related to YouTube.You all must be using YouTube to watch video news or some dream on YouTube. I see all of you are on YouTube. YouTube is a video viewing website of America. 
But America’s multinational company Google has also bought a website like this YouTube.  Now YouTube is the website of Google company.  Google bought this YouTube website in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion.  YouTube was created in 2005 by three Peeple employees Steve Chen Chad Hurley and Javed Karim. In this website like YouTube, you can also share videos, watch and make money through this app.YouTube is the best website among all the video sites.  About 1 lakh videos are uploaded and shared daily on this website here.On this website like YouTube, everyone can upload videos and share them.  Within this YouTube you will find more than 50 languages.
People who make youtube:-YouTube was created by three people.
1.Steve Chen .
2.Javed Karim .
3.Chad Hurley.
Steve chen:- Steve Chen was born on August 18, 1978 AD.  It is a form of Taiwanese e-native and American Internet enterprise.  He is the former Chief Technology Officer of YouTube and the most well known co-founder.  Steve Chen joined Google benches in the year 2014.
JAVED  Karim:-Javed Karim was born on 28 October 1979 in marsaberg Germany Javed Karim is known as the co-founder of YouTube.  Javed Karim is the first to put a video on YouTube. Ta Javed Karim has created many tools for PayPal.  While Javed Karim was working on PepL, he met two people working there and Harley Steve Chen became the co-founder of all three YouTube shortly after. The first video was uploaded by Javed Karim on 23 April 2005.  Gone.  The video was named when the video was uploaded immediately after creating an account on YouTube as many as in all three zoos.(Me at the zoo).
Chad Hurley:-Chad Hurley was born on 24 January 1977.  They share videos on popular websites such as American co-founders and YouTube, and are Mixbit executives Chad Hurley, along with Steve Chen, who both sold YouTube to Google in October 2006 at 1.65 billion.Before this work, Chad Hurley worked with his teammates in the papal division.  His main task in all his works was to design the original logo of PayPal.  If someone was the main person tagging and sharing videos on YouTube, it was Chad Hurley. 

How to make money from youtube
How to make money from YouTube, you people will know how to make money from YouTube.If you do not already know all about Youtube.  You have nothing to worry about, today I will tell you all the information about YouTube in an easy way and along with it you will give complete information about making money so that you.So that you can earn money like other YouTube users, all of you will know that this is the biggest issue in our country.  Due to unemployment and unemployment, people are worried people to do jobs after doing good studies.They hold each other’s hands to do the job, yet cannot get a job.To what extent do people nowadays get fed up with all these problems. It is difficult to describe it
If I talk about making money online, where can people earn money online?  Just like that ,blogging FreeLensing, Upwork,Affiliate Marketing in all these ways people make money online but the most famous way to earn money online is where people make more money is YouTube blogging.  Why treat your channels like a full time job.
The easy way is because he thinks to earn good money from his YouTube channel and he also earns good money from this channel.  When it comes to earning money online in the minds of people, there are only two best platforms.  First blogging second YouTube Most people like blogging more than YouTube.  Because blogging involves writing only, which is an easy concept for people.But many people forget about YouTube.  YouTube is also a good way to earn money because you can make videos in YouTube and monetize videos.  You people should know that you can make a lot more money from YouTube than people.  With YouTube, you can upload videos related to your studies.  Many people would end up watching a video related to studies.

YouTube a good option why we make money than blogging:-
1.There is no domino and hosting investment:- The most important thing about YouTube is that here we do not need to apply paise for any domain or hosting.  But all these conditions are valid for blogging.  On YouTube, we can express our online presence only in the name of the channel.
2:-How to make money on the first day of youtube:- The best feature of YouTube is that we can earn money on the very first day.  For this, you have to do some work.  For this, you have to create your YouTube account and upload a nice little video on your created account.  But remember that the video you are uploading.  It should not violate the term and condition of AdSense on YouTube.  But the special thing is that this promise is not valid in blogging.
Friends, as I told you about YouTube, I brought all the information related to YouTube to you.I also told you how to make money from youtube?  How can you earn money from YouTube on the first day, then the friends must have cleared all the Doubts related to your YouTube, so tell the friends in the comment that how did you like this post?
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