Computer network | Types of computer network

Computer network

Computer network | Types of computer network
Computer network

Hii friends welcome back on my post today topic is Computer network. I will tell about Computer network and how computer works and do you know what is network. Many years before when people communicate each other and send messages people had only one target share information from one place to another place but it not easy work in the ancient time.

People spent many days for sharing information one place to another place. So that time is a very tiredless time. If we can do any work in the ancient time people faced a problem because the time taken much more. Information means sended any text, photo, document etc.

Networking is from ABACUS itself. Then Used to send answers from ABACUS. Now the same has happened in ABACUS computer.

What is network?

Two or more computers connected is called network. We can connect computers wireless or wire for sharing data. We talk to about wire medium it can be any of coaxible cable and fiber optics cable and talking about wireless it can be one of them radio wave, Bluetooth, infrared satellite.

There are big example of network is Internet because there is millions people connected to each other and we can share the data each other. Every places we surrounded by the network. Node is called to every computer connected in the network. We can share resource sharing such as Internet, printer, file servers along with common data sharing. 

There is a huge big network is Internet in the world then we share someone daily. Like we sharing images and vedios etc threw a whatsapp and other apps. We sharing  anything  each other by network.

History of Network

Today we talking about a network its network built in the 1960 to 1970. The name  network named was APPANET. Its full name is Advance research project agency network. In the ancient time the network works  make connection between terminals and remote job entry station. The ARPANET was quite reliable in that time as it used PACKET switching technology rather than circuit switching. ARPANET was also used in the US department of defence to be sent to the Guinea threat. In connecting it to different universities of US. Industrialists also started using it. Gradually, he continued to do more development. Today it has become the largest network in the world, on which we speak internet.

Some network devices                               

Computer network | Types of computer network
Computer network

There are many devices used in the network for sharing a data and doing any other work related to network. If we connect two or more networks and we connect the computers from LAN we should use the like HUB, Repeater, switch, Router, Modem, Bridge, etc.
 Hub is a network device who is connect the multiple Ethernet then they share the resources and other media also document each other. The hub is doing amplify the regenerate the all network. There are many ports in the hub. 
The hub is connect with many systems from star topology. The hub is pure working on packets. There hub packets is send the data and other device is receiving data by the packets. 
The Modem basically making by two words. Mo+dem

Mo= Modulation- Digital to analog signal

Dem= Demodulation-Analog to digital signal

The modem device which converts the signal digital to analog and analog to digital. Used for data transfer from one computer to another through lines. Demodulator converts the all signaling system at the receiving end.
The hub works at the physical layer and the hub is regenerate the signaling. The hub is available in multiple ports.

Hub is available in the 8ports, 16ports, & 24ports
There are two types of Hub:
Passive hub: Passive hub doesnot required external power connection and its doesnot regenerate the signal.
Active hub: Active hub requied external power connection its regenerate the signal.
Control of route and traffic between two networks is the job of this device. It connects the two networks with wire and wireless medium. This device works in the networks layer of the OSI model.
Bridge connects two or more sub networks Which belongs to the same network. If we connect two computer labs we definetly use the Bridge. 
It device related to the electronic whose increase the signal strength. This device is receive the signal and retransmit the signal. The repeater signal avoid lost.
Types of networks
There are many types of networks and divide according the size and graphical area. There are one computer connects the whole worlds computer. Basically these are three types : LAN, WAN, MAN and more types is PAN, HAN 
PAN (Personal area network) 
It network called pan. Pan is a small network device and which has limits inside the house. There are only the one or more computers. It is a computer network used for data transmission between devices such as computer, tablet, telephone, printer. It is limited to 10 meters. And in this, devices are connected to wired or wireless system.
HAN (Home area network)
If there is one residence the people using the one network we can say it Home area network. It is also called Han. Basically the internet connection is connects from wire. Whose connects from Modem. The wifi is also called a Home area network.
LAN (Local area network)
   Local area network means LAN. It network uses in the all places like school, college, hospital academies, organizations, banks etc. The smallest LAN can be made up of only two computers. In a LAN, we can connect many computers. Most LANs are used in wire connections. But nowadays it is also being used in wireless. The specially of its network is its speed, low expenses and security. Ethernet cable is used in this. LAN network data transmission speed is very high and we make it very easily.
MAN (Metropolitan area network)
 This network is connects the whole city and connects to each other. We can say it Metropolitan area network or Man. This is connects the college, school, banks and offices. MAN is big network according to LAN. MAN  is covers the area from 10km to 100km. It is used to make a large network by connecting all the LANs together. Its range limited in geographical area. Like town, city. MAN ownership is public and private. Metropolitan area network is costs more to install this network than a LAN and data transmission speed is moderate.
Computer network | Types of computer network
Computer network

WAN (Wide area network) 
The WAN network is connects the all computers across the globe. It is also called WAN. The main features of the WANs is the data network is that it is low data rate, but covers more distance.
There are two types of WAN: 
Enterprise WAN
Global WAN
By the way these are many Wide area network 

Public packet network
Large corporate network
Military networks
Banking networks network
Railway reservation network
Airline reservation network
Network service provider is to spoken to the company providing network through WAN. They are called the most expensive network. Because some such type of technology is used in it. Such as SONET, framerelay and ATM. The WAN ownership is public and private and data transmission speed is slow.
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